Lobbying the Commonwealth on LGBT Equality

Although many groups have lobbied the Commonwealth as an entity on LGBT discrimination in the Commonwealth, we thought it succinct to engage the Secretariat directly to initiate a discussion with the staff and the Secretary General in particular because of their peculiar role in informing, updating and helping Commonwealth member-States in reaching goals as well as coordinating efforts by the body itself to support member-States with social developments.

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Event: Black History Month - place of LGBT Black people 23rd Oct

Thursday 23rd October 2013 @ SOAS; Join us. This Black History Month JfGA will be opening a unique space to focus on the struggles and victories of LGBT Black people who face a tough fight: a double jeopardy of racism and homophobia. JfGA has teamed up with the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) Students Union to ask: Where is the place of LGBT Black people in Black History Month?

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Our Principles and focus

Community advocacy Positive engagement Empowering education Awareness We aim to engage our own community more to develop a platform for discussing the difficulties that are rife with sexuality within the BME communities in general while at the same time, highlighting positive acceptance that exists within the same which unfortunately are not always spoken about.

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Wish to support our work?

Do you think there's a way you can support our work? Or have something you think we can collaborate on together? We are also constantly looking for creative ideas to exploit with a focus on positivity and reaching the non-LGBT people of BME communities. So do please get in touch using our contact page.